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S. Bull
Newbury, OH

Company name:
Advanced IT Professionals LLC

05/05/2014 4:08 PM

Beware! The do have a nice system setup to help you incorporate, but then they will convince you that you need to pay them an annual fee of $99 to be a registered agent. Unless your state requires a registered agent other than one of your Executives, or legal counsel, then this is absolutely unnecessary. I spoke with a customer service rep at MyLLC and informed them that I was not going to be renewing my services. As soon as I changed the registered agent from them, I received a collection notice for $139. I cancelled within 30 days of the renewal, was up-front with my intentions, and in the end they still feel it necessary to try and fleece me.

L. Lerner
Danville, CA

Company name:
Expertbenefits LLC

04/23/2014 3:32 PM

I met them at a convention and they made it sound like they do things however basically they outsource the Agent for Service to another company that messed up everything., spelled my company name wrong, did not do the biannual record filing so I ended up doing it and then Andrea said that is because it was out sourced. We cannot be our Agent for Service in California but in the end I corrected everything they did wrong and filed the very simple paperwork myself and terminated my own LLC 7 years later in January. I paid my fees early for 2014 but they said I could not get that back even though I did not use their services because they outsource them and have to pay them. Their service they said is just having an address so they pay a company to just have an address to be an Agent. California is the only state besides NY that does not use Federal guidelines for LLC filing so we have to file a separate return and pay taxes on revenue over $250K not profit so we are taxes on schedule C profit and LLC revenue plus pay $800 a year for this privilege. I should have listened to and file d in another state like Nevada or Delaware but I wanted to be legit and do things correctly. Maybe they all operate this way. What a racket is all I can say. jYou basically do nothing provide no service and treat your customers as a bother when they need something and don'treally care if you make a mistake. I guess if you know nothing about business that book is helpful.. When they make a mistake they blame it on outsourcing and when they don't refund your money they blame it on paying the outourcers. because they are paying for having an address on file for a year even though the Secretary of State and the Franchise Tax Board recognize it as dissolved. SWEET! I would give them a negative but maybe this is how they all our. Some racket the state has given these lucky few that make money for having an address as they put it.

K. Mech
Queen Anne, MD

Company name:
The Crush Espresso

05/01/2013 3:46 PM

Initially I had some issues with that was of no fault to either of us, but they finally worked with me to get the issue resolved.

N. Berruezo
Sacramento, CA

Company name:

06/12/2012 10:29 AM

Using MyLLC as a registered agent was the worst mistake I've made as a business owner. After reading LLC's for Dummies, I heeded the urgent warnings to not be my own registered agent and used MyLLC which is owned by the author of LLC for Dummies. After 1 year, at the recommendation of a corporate attorney in a major firm, I planned to cancel & become my own registered agent. I received this email from one of their employees, "Also make ensure you do not make the dangerous mistake of acting as your own registered agent." I asked why it was dangerous & was told to read an article on this google site which talks about it. Sure enough, the article was written by the MyLLC founder, but the employee didn't indicate that. He also wrote to google Pepsi, saying they lost over a billion $ due to acting as their own agent (lie). January,2012 I tell them I plan to cancel, & they say to file before 1/20/12. I submit my change to the state on 1/3/12, but since the state is backed up, I don't get confirmation until the end of may. I email them multiple times to tell them that I filed per their directions. They say I still have to pay, but to wait & see. (?) During the 5 months I get repeated invoices & a phone call threatening collections. Diane promises it won't go to collections, but it does. Finally they confirm the change has been made on 1/4/12, but are only willing to waive the late/collection fees & charge me the original $99, despite my doing everything they asked to cancel.

Agent response:

We value any feedback from our clients and appreciate the opportunity to find a resolution agreeable to all parties. After thorough review of this account, it unfortunately appears as though one of our representatives inadvertently led our client to believe that all fees would be waived when the registered agent change had been filed. While this would have been true in most states, CA was taking roughly 4-5 months to process statements, which left the registered agent on public record and legally compelled to continue providing service, long after the invoice due date.

Had our client been given correct information and advised of CAs excessive processing times, waiving late fees and collection service charges would have been appropriate because the service was being provided during the period CA held the form. However it appears he was not given correct information and we have determined that a full refund was appropriate in this case. We worked closely with Mr Berruezo during the account review process and our representatives will be much more conscious of state filing times when estimating possible final fees on a closing account. We are constantly working to improve our services and Mr Berruezo has been a great help in clarifying customer service procedure on closing accounts.

J. Ramos
Victorville, CA

Company name:
Touch Business Solutions, Inc

04/12/2011 3:40 PM was a good company to work with. Their staff was easy to contact and their prices were very good.

Y. Pinchuk
Agoura Hills, CA

Company name:
A Healing Touch Corp.

03/30/2011 3:16 PM

The company and its staff are friendly and very helpful. The company is very upfront about its fees and the services that it will provide, during the sign up process online the company allows you to customize the services that you want. They also provide a detailed explanation for the service, why you need it and how you would go about handling the responsibility yourself; as well as, the cost of retaining their services. As my agent the company has forwarded and handled a lot of the documentation required after the initial formation. This company has really been there for me during a new and exciting adventure! Could not have done this without them!!! Go to and see what the fuss is all about!!!

I. Halliday
Malibu, CA

Company name:
Malibu Horses, Inc.

07/19/2010 4:14 PM made incorporating very easy. The website is easy to navigate and is user friendly!
I called the office when I had questions and ACTUALLY spoke with a press this for refreshing in the day and age of automated everything:)

I also found that MyLLC was very reasonably priced in comparison. Especially considering the high level of personalized attention I recieved. I have done business with other incorporating services before and this company has been by far the best!!!! Many thanks to Greg Monterrosa!

D. Winrow
Granada Hills, CA

Company name:

02/11/2010 1:18 PM

MyLLC.Com Was very helpful. They were able to answer all my questions, and the customer service was great!

A. Nombrano
San Diego, CA

Company name:
Vires, LLC

12/03/2009 12:30 PM

Have always been very helpful with any questions I might have and always respond to messages in a very timely manner. I'm very satisfied with their services.

C. Cooper
Chatsworth, CA

Company name:
The Sweet Water Ranch Inc.

07/28/2009 8:32 PM

I have only wonderful feelings about my experience with My LLC .com Greg Monterrosa guided me step by step making me feel totally comfortable . His support team as well answered questions immediately for me if he was unavailable. I have already referred my friends as well. Now I'm on my way to developing my non profit animal rescue and make a difference in this world. Thank you Greg!!!

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